Nico Santos, 8 anos, Wolfach

This project allies two interdependent aspects of Didactics: investigation and training, being the first assumed as a starting point for the construction of a sustained  educational path, where future subjects in training process can identify themselves in terms of personal objectives and needs.

Hence, after a phase of diagnosis of the needs for training and intervention, which has as nuclear theme diagnosing (circulating) images about the Portuguese Language and Culture in the different areas of intervention of Camões Institute, working with different actors (investigation area), we shall proceed to the construction of a training path, aimed at teachers and lecturers, adapted to the results obtained and aiming at a pedagogical-didactical intervention with these different actors (training aspect).

This concern in knowing the representations different actors have about Portuguese Language and Culture (Mother Tongue, L2 or Heritage Language), that we shall try to broaden in terms of the Lusophone area, is related to the evidence, in terms of psico and sociolinguistics, as well as pedagogical and didactical evidence, also present in terms of Linguistic Policies, that representations influence the teaching and learning paths and processes, the motivation involved in the study of a language and the choices in terms of linguistic offer.

The results obtained may help develop new strategies to implant the Portuguese Language in the different contexts studied and help revisit, in a simultaneous deconstructing and reconstructing process, training and intervention paths in the classroom.

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