Phases of the project

1. In order to develop Objective 1, which aimed at knowing the representations of the different actors towards the Portuguese Language, we did questionnaires, that were available on-line (PDF version). Each had a specific part  (related to the sociolinguistic characterization of the different actors and public) and a common part (related to the diagnosis of images); taking into account that a part of our public is attending primary and middle school (ages between 6-12), children (namely in Germany and in the United Kingdom) were asked to make a drawing concerning the Portuguese Language and the way they relate to it, so that later a semiotic analysis of the drawings was under carried. The students had the following instruction: “Draw yourself speaking the language you know.”

Rita Cerqueira (10 / Minden)

2.In order to achieve Objective 2, still being developed, we shall proceed to data crossing of their answers to the specific part of the questionnaire, mentioned above, together with a previous quantitative analysis and later a more comprehensive qualitative analysis of the observed phenomena will be under carried. The main focus will be on knowing the representations our public has towards the Portuguese Language, whether they engage with Portuguese as a ML, FL or HL, and which other factors may explain the differences there may be. Our starting hypothesis are the following:

– the “biographical relationships” with the Portuguese Language may impact on the images that are constructed throughout life;

– such images require from teachers and lecturers different action and reconstruction strategies.

3. Finally, to achieve Objective 3, related to the creation of training paths, an educational prototype will be created, which will firstly be offered to a target-group, in a form of mandatory attendance training. After an assessment process of the offered path (by trainers and trainees) it will be transformed in e-learning or b-learning training, available to a wider audience.

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